Bra FestivalThe twin island of Trinidad and Tobago may have gone  down in the Guinness Book of Records for the nation with the most federal holidays, but it may pretty soon set another record for being the island with the quirkiest festivals.

The twin island will host its first annual “Bra Festival” entitled “BRAVO”, an acronym for Bras Really Add Value Overall. 

McDonald's Advertorial-Williams Family

In the Los Angeles, California are, there are three black women whose names are well-known in the fast food industry. These women are Patricia Williams, Nicole Enearu and Kerri Harper-Howie.

Together, the mother-and-daughters trio own thirteen McDonalds franchises, and employ over 700 people in the community. 

Romona GriggieRamona Griggie was a contented housewife living in Atlanta, GA, when she stumbled upon what was literally a million-dollar idea.

It happened when she decided to help her son, who was about to graduate, make his smile photo-ready. 

tubafreshturbafresh (always spelt with all lower-case letters) is an NYC-based jazz-pop band that was formed in late 2016, and their music is creating a stir in their native New York and beyond.

Led by sousaphonist Chanell Crichlow, the band recently released their latest single entitled “Casper Connect,” which encourages listeners to release their inhibitions and to let go of any negative ideas about themselves which they may have been fed. 

V. TaybronFour years ago, V. Taybron found herself in a financial tight spot, and couldn’t see a way out of it.

It was while reading by candlelight one night that a way to turn her situation around dawned on her.

“My bank account was negative, the lights were cut off, and I was laying on the floor wrapped in a blanket, reading Napoleon Hill’s book, ‘Outwitting the Devil.’ That’s when God told me to bake.” 

The Bradford FamilyBaltimore, Maryland is now home to a new black-owned family restaurant that every barbecue lover in the area is talking about.

“The BBQ” dishes up pulled pork, ribs, pit turkey, baked beans, and the menu item they’re best known for: their BBQ Sandwich. 

ChonchonChonchon media is a publishing company that ensures that stories and various other media derived from African culture are brought to life.

The company, created and spearheaded by Yambo Okoth, comprises illustrators and storytellers who incorporate African folklore into tales that black readers can relate to and from which they can gain glimpses of their past and be inspired to think of their future. 

Sherron StevensFor 21-year-old Sherron A. Stevens, being just an average college student didn’t exactly satisfy his professional appetite. While managing to maintain his status as a college student, he has also launched a business that, though common, has a creative twist that makes it distinctly his own.

His food truck does much more than provide good eats; it also brings the entire bonfire experience to customers, and is appropriately named the Bonfire Grill. 

Father and SonIn our quest to find some mid-week dopeness, we happened upon a video that is currently on the brink of going viral.

In the video, a father and son duo effortlessly perform an accapella version of the New Edition hit single Can You Stand the Rain. 

Raytroniks Ray J is proving to be just as business-savvy as older sibling Brandy. The “Sexy, Can I” singer has ventured into entrepreneurship with a new E-Bike company.

The company, Raytroniks, produces the Scoot-E-Bike; a two-wheeled electric bike with all the accessories that bike owners desire, such as Bluetooth connectivity for music, a wireless key lock, and a handy way of charging smartphones on-the-go via a USB port.