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This Poem Completely Unmasks Veiled Misogyny

black-feminismIn a world where feminism and womanism are so desperately needed, feminists and womanists, and well-wishers of feminists and womanists, are often shamed simply for desiring to see women being treated like human beings.

Like human beings, as opposed to what we are so often treated like: objects; play-things; accessories in what has been described as “a man’s world.” 

Feminists and womanists are urged to be subtle so as not to draw attention to themselves; so as not to be swallowed whole into the man-hating myth that feminism and womanism are so often equated with. When it comes to women’s rights, however, subtlety never works in activism, and even if a feminist/womanist is soft-spoken, she must make certain that her message is thunderous enough to be heard.

Emi Mahmoud embodies this soft-spoken, yet powerful type of feminism.

Listen to her take the masses to school in the poem entitled “How to Translate a Joke” below.

By: Danielle Dixon

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