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How Ramona Griggie Went From Housewife to Millionaire

Romona GriggieRamona Griggie was a contented housewife living in Atlanta, GA, when she stumbled upon what was literally a million-dollar idea.

It happened when she decided to help her son, who was about to graduate, make his smile photo-ready. 

How She Did It

Griggie is the founder of  Express Smile Home Teeth Whitening System, a product that raked in a whopping $1 million in revenue within her first 60 days of business.

Her son had spent years wearing braces to perfect his smile, and teeth whitening would add the finishing touch to that perfect smile. The cost of that teeth whitening was a problem, though; it was way too expensive to fit into their budget. Griggie set out to do her own research to find products that were both effective and affordable. It was while conducting this research that she set up her own teeth-whitening shop.

After suffering a fall that prevented her from running the shop, however, she began to work from home, selling her product online. She had a website set up, added a business phone line, and used Instagram for free advertising and marketing of her product. Within four hours of doing so, she earned $8,000 and went from 500 to 10,000 followers. By the time she uploaded her second sponsored post, she made close to $50,000 in 24 hours.

Celebrities Use Her Product, Too

Griggie’s product has grown extensively in popularity, attracting the approval of celebrities such as Kevin Hart and Amber Rose. While maintaining her online business, she has opened up a flagship   boutique in College Park, Atlanta, which offers one-hour treatments from certified technicians.

She gave the following advice to aspiring entrepreneurs:

“Think about a product that people need and make it affordable.”

More about Express Smile Home Teeth Whitening System can be found here, and watch the company’s video tutorial below.

By: Danielle Dixon

Follow her on Twitter: @tooprettydani


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