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These Three Black Women Own 13 McDonald’s Franchises

McDonald's Advertorial-Williams Family

In the Los Angeles, California are, there are three black women whose names are well-known in the fast food industry. These women are Patricia Williams, Nicole Enearu and Kerri Harper-Howie.

Together, the mother-and-daughters trio own thirteen McDonalds franchises, and employ over 700 people in the community. 

How it All Began

Over thirty years ago, Williams decided that she would follow in the footsteps of other family members who owned McDonald’s franchises. At the time that she made the decision, she was employed as a rehabilitation therapist, and her husband was a police officer for the LAPD.

The couple made the mutual decision to cash out their retirement plans and take out a business loan, which would enable them to enter the fast food industry.

After spending some time working for the company and taking classes to aid in running the franchise, Williams saw her dream of owning her first McDonald’s location, in Compton, California, come to a reality. Along with her husband, she purchased a second restaurant, but when their marriage disintegrated, she bought out her husband’s share of the company.

In 1995, she sold both restaurants and purchased five more.

How Her Daughters Got Involved

In the late 2000’s, though she initially hadn’t planned for them to, Williams’ daughters got involved in what is now the family business. Daughter Nicole made a career change, underwent the McDonald’s franchise training program for owners, and purchased a restaurant. She later became the first black female  Chair for the McDonald’s Southern California Regional Leadership Council.

Daughter Kerri, who practices law, began by providing  legal and HR help to her mother’s franchise locations, but went on to train as a franchise owner via the  Next Generation program at McDonald’s, a program for children of McDonald’s owner operators.

Not wanting to keep their prosperity strictly to themselves, these three phenomenal women also provide  scholarships to local students, and donate to several local and national charities.

By: Danielle Dixon

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