Unsun CosmeticsEntrepreneur  Katonya Breaux has been owner of a successful construction company for over 20 years, and having conquered that line of business, she’s about to seek out the same success in an entirely different area: the beauty industry.

Two  of Breaux’s main concerns when it comes to cosmetics are that many of them contain ingredients that are potentially harmful to users, and that sunscreens are often not made for black skin. Wanting to address these two concerns (among others), she launched her own cosmetics company,  Unsun Cosmetics. 

Makeba GriffinMakeba Griffin is an entrepreneur with a knack for creating the perfect accessories for boys and girls. Hailing from Winstonville, Mississippi, she is the founder of Makeba Design and Print Shop. Her latest project? “Black to School” supplies.

These supplies feature black characters illustrated on T-Shirts, backpacks and other accessories; the perfect way for African American parents to send off their budding superstars to the new school year. 

nailah and shenseeaFrom the outside looking in, many persons deem island folk to be one big, happy family, all sharing cultural and behavioral similarities and all rooting for each other, and when one Caribbean island accomplishes something, the others claim it as their own cause for celebration. When Janelle ‘Penny’ Commissiong of Trinidad and Tobago became the first black woman in history to win the Miss Universe title, the entire Caribbean was overcome with excitement. The same occurred when Olympian Usain Bolt made an unforgettable impression on the track.

However, the people residing in the Caribbean know that it’s not all rainbows and butterflies among us, and, often, we create the drama ourselves. 

Melanin Originals LLCMelanin Originals LLC is a children’s book company which pens biographies of African American pioneers and those who played an important role in African American history. The company will provide a full screening of their latest animation project at the Global Impact Film Festival on Saturday, August 26th, 2017. 

CARIFESTA_XIII-LOGO-WHITE-GLOWThe much-anticipated 13th Caribbean Festival of Arts (CARIFESTA XIII), which is being staged on the island of Barbados and which was scheduled to begin today, has been postponed due to Tropical Storm Harvey.

Several flights have also been cancelled by regional airline LIAT, the airline of choice for several CARIFESTA delegations. 

Photo Credit: CBS News

Photo Credit: CBS News

At one point in her life, Vanessa Howard, a single mother of three, was homeless. During that time, she never dreamed that she would one day own her own business, and be able to assist other women who found themselves without shelter.

Today, Howard is the owner of Giving Hands Hair Salon, a hair salon with a heart; the entrepreneur and her team give back to the community by providing free makeovers for homeless women and girls. Thus far, the salon has given 275 people free trims, facials and manicures. 

During the recent violent Charlottesville neo-Nazi rally, 26-year-old Marcus Martin found himself doing more than just counter-protesting; he literally had to protect his wife-to-be with his life. Martin pushed his fiancée, Marissa Blair, out of the way

Muna Jama, 27, from London, who has been  allowed to take part in the Miss Universe 2017 contest while wearing a kaftan rather than a bikini. See SWNS story SWPAGEANT; Muna Jama, 27, will stand out from other beauties in bikinis on stage for the British final after pushing international pageant organisers to allow her to cover up. The glamorous Muslim campaigner was inspired to apply for Miss Universe GB two years ago, but after receiving a letter inviting her to take part she got cold feet. Imagining standing in front of an audience in a bikini, which she knew was an essential part of the pageant, Muna felt she would not fit in. Wearing the revealing swimwear went against her religion, and rather than challenging the organisers or compromising her beliefs, she withdrew from the contest. Muna said: "I wouldn't wear a bikini to a beach, so I'm not going to wear one in a competition to score points.

Muna Jama wanted to be a contestant at a major beauty pageant, but she didn’t want to compromise her personal convictions in the process.

The London native managed to bend the rules at the Miss Universe Great Britain pageant, competing in the final leg of the competition wearing a caftan instead of a swimsuit. 

colisha_fats_owners_first_black_owned_gas_station_jonesboroIn the tiny town of Jonesboro, Georgia, a pair of entrepreneurs have opened the first-ever black-owned gas station. Colisha Hicks and her fiancé’s (who is referred to affectionately as ‘Fatz,’) Citgo gas station, located on Tara Boulevard, is also the first black-owned gas station in all of  Clayton County.

This comes as a turning point for Clayton County, a county where, with a population that is 64% African American, many of the businesses are not black-owned. 

kheris_rogers_founder_flexin_in_my_complexionOur readers will know by now that we’re just a little bit obsessed with gorgeous Kheris Rogers, the 10-year-old entrepreneur who turned a negative into a positive by shutting down bullies who taunted her about her dark skin.

Never one to disappoint, Rogers continues to impress her supporters, having recently launched an in-your-face clothing line (inspired by her own journey toward self-love) called Flexin’ in My Complexion