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How Muna Jama Changed the Face of Miss Universe UK

Muna Jama, 27, from London, who has been  allowed to take part in the Miss Universe 2017 contest while wearing a kaftan rather than a bikini. See SWNS story SWPAGEANT; Muna Jama, 27, will stand out from other beauties in bikinis on stage for the British final after pushing international pageant organisers to allow her to cover up. The glamorous Muslim campaigner was inspired to apply for Miss Universe GB two years ago, but after receiving a letter inviting her to take part she got cold feet. Imagining standing in front of an audience in a bikini, which she knew was an essential part of the pageant, Muna felt she would not fit in. Wearing the revealing swimwear went against her religion, and rather than challenging the organisers or compromising her beliefs, she withdrew from the contest. Muna said: "I wouldn't wear a bikini to a beach, so I'm not going to wear one in a competition to score points.

Muna Jama wanted to be a contestant at a major beauty pageant, but she didn’t want to compromise her personal convictions in the process.

The London native managed to bend the rules at the Miss Universe Great Britain pageant, competing in the final leg of the competition wearing a caftan instead of a swimsuit. 

Jama won the right to compete wearing a caftan earlier this year, and, in so doing, created history as the first woman to compete at Miss Universe Great Britain without having to wear a bikini.

Her success in creating history and exacting change did not happen overnight, though.

Two years ago, she entered the competition to represent the UK, but pulled out due to her concerns about having to wear a bikini.

This year, the co-founder of a startup tackling illegal migration and child abuse in Africa decided to re-enter, but this time, she petitioned the pageant officials to be able to wear a caftan during the bikini segment of the competition.

“I wouldn’t wear a bikini to a beach, so I’m not going to wear one in a competition to score points,” she has told

While Jama didn’t win the competition, she still feels like a winner, having now made it possible for future Miss Universe Great Britain-hopefuls to choose whether or not they want to don a revealing bikini at the competition. She stated via Instagram,

“It takes bravery, emotional resilience and most importantly surrounding yourself with strong minded people who are prepared to make great sacrifices to welcome permanent and positive change.”

We’re very proud of this queen.

By: Danielle Dixon

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