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Makeba Griffin is Sending your Kids ‘Black to School!’

Makeba GriffinMakeba Griffin is an entrepreneur with a knack for creating the perfect accessories for boys and girls. Hailing from Winstonville, Mississippi, she is the founder of Makeba Design and Print Shop. Her latest project? “Black to School” supplies.

These supplies feature black characters illustrated on T-Shirts, backpacks and other accessories; the perfect way for African American parents to send off their budding superstars to the new school year. 

How She Got Started

While heading to a family vacation, Griffin was struck with a brilliant idea. She explains, “We were planning our first family trip with my six siblings, parents, spouses and children. We had enough to make it a family affair, but needed shirts because it was so many of us. I didn’t want just any shirt – I wanted it to be meaningful, fun and appealing. I couldn’t find anything in stores or online, so I decided to design the shirts myself.”

Realizing her own gift for designing, she decided to start a business and make that business her primary source of income.  “I went from designing family vacation t-shirts to designing natural hair t-shirts; and then from selling them from home to selling them at multiple events.”

Griffin then came up with the idea of printing her designs on travel bags, and selling her products on a digital platform.

The Decision to Go Afrocentric

Upon realizing that there was a lack of children’s accessories for black children that featured designs and illustrations that they could relate to, Griffin decided to do her part in remedying that.

“I wanted young Black children to be able to look at my products and say, ‘Hey, that looks like me!'” she said.  “I wanted to create designs that represented me and the love I have for my natural hair. So, I started creating illustrated African American young women that represented them as being vibrant, bold, fun and strikingly beautiful.”

She added,

“I was inspired to design backpacks, lunch bags and pencil holders, too! I couldn’t stop there though, since there is a great need for African American boy stuff, too (there is literally so much out there for girls). Our boys need to feel empowered and confident, too!”

To order Makeba Griffin’s designs, visit her official website.

By: Danielle Dixon

Follow her on Twitter: @tooprettydani

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