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Martin McCurtis Invents the Cure For the Common Hair Dryer

martin_mccurtis_founder_momentum_upflow_hair_dryerFor most women, the most tedious part of a trip to the salon to get their hair done is the part where they have to sit beneath a hair dryer for at least an hour. One inventor/entrepreneur has found a solution to this age-old annoyance.

Mississippi-based inventor Martin McCurtis’ creation is the  Momentum UpFlow hair dryer, an invention that is like the hair dryer 2.0: it reduces the time to dry women’s hair by 50%. 

While the Momentum UpFlow hair dryer is not yet available in stores, there is a 100% functional prototype available, and several investors are currently showing interest in it.

How He Came Up With the Idea

For McCurtis, a stroke of genius was born out of a pet peeve that most men will understand: he hated having to wait for his wife to dry her hair.

To create a hair dryer that would completely dry a woman’s hair in half the time it would usually take to do so, McCurtis used his knowledge of the principles of evaporation.

He explained,

“It directs hot air, meant for drying, in an upper direction, once it makes contact with the moisture in the hair, the moisture turns to vapor and there is an exhaust fan at the crown of the head that pulls out the excess humidity and this upward air flow actually draws fresh air into the breathing space of the user.”

The Hair-Drying Process is Now More Comfortable

Apart from cutting hair-drying time in half, McCurtis’ invention uses less heat, is safer, and is more comfortable for use than traditional hair dryers.

Because it reduces the time that women spend drying their hair, it also minimizes the damage that heat does to the hair, and reduces the chances of the hair losing moisture, vitamins and minerals that are essential to keeping it healthy.

For additional information on Martin McCurtis and the   Momentum UpFlow hair dryer invention, visit his company’s official website.

By: Danielle Dixon

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