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New Website Finds Creative Way to Highlight Black Achievement

myancestorsdiddat WebsiteBlack parents: if you’re looking for a fresh, new way to motivate and inspire your kids, newly-launched website has exactly what you need.

The website highlights the many achievements made by African Americans, and also offers a collection of merchandise which includes sweatshirts, totes, onesies and T-shirts featuring interesting graphics that depict African American inventions. 

The creative mind behind is Nanette Lucien, an entrepreneur who also owns Kracnola -a granola company  based in New York City as well. Of the website, she stated,

“Kids across the country are taught our major accomplishment was peanut butter, which is pretty awesome within itself, but we did a lot more. I wanted to change the narrative and let them know the contribution was a bit more than just peanut butter.”

To have a look at the merchandise offered on, go here.

By: Danielle Dixon

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