Daveia OdoiWhat’s the best way to fight the “angry black woman” stereotype? spread images of black women smiling and exuding joy and contentment.

That’s exactly what entrepreneur Daveia Odoi aims to do with “The DynaSmiles by DNT,” her very own collection of artwork depicting black girl joy. Odoi’s images appear on several products, some of which are journals, makeup bags, smartphone cases and laptop covers. 

Constance MoonzweConstance Moonzwe and her husband were enjoying the experiences of new parenthood when he suddenly died, leaving her not just in bereavement, but in fear of the possibility of raising their 7-month-old on her own.

To cope with her grief, Moonzwe started a business called  ITH Staffing, and garnered results she never expected: within the first 12 months of its launch, the company raked in more than  $3 million in revenue! 

Calypso Music MonthOctober is Calypso Music Month, and we couldn’t let the month go by without paying ode to one of our favorite genres.

Calypso music has often been replicated and watered down, and it’s likely that the Calypsoes that you may have been exposed to weren’t as true to the genre as they should be; to get the raw, unfiltered goodness of this style of music, one has to go back to the days of the Calypso giants, many of whom came out of the Caribbean and, particularly, Trinidad and Tobago. 

ISF BankThe Illinois Service Federal Savings & Loan Association (ISFBank) is the last black-owned bank left standing in the city of Chicago, and Chicago has recently taken a giant step toward ensuring that the bank does not close its doors.

$20 million has been deposited into the bank, which has long supported underserved communities, courtesy the city. 

Jesse RoyalReggae gem Jesse Royal, the man known as the ‘Modern Day Judas,’ recently offered a select few a first taste of his upcoming album “Lilly of the Valley,” and it was met with many praises from his peers in music, among them Craigy T, TOK, ZJ Rush and DJ Sparks.

Of his album, which was produced by  Lamar ‘Riff Raff’ Brown, Royal says he drew inspiration from the reggae music giants who came before him. 

BlackBusinessPalIn order for black-owned businesses to thrive, they must first be able to reach their target market; unfortunately, many black-owned businesses do not possess a substantial marketing budget to work with.

Just in time to meet this need, BlackBusinessPal has announced that it will be launching an online business directory which will allow minority-owned businesses across  America to receive much-needed exposure.