This my journey from corporate professional to an entrepreneur

I Gave My Two Weeks Notice and This is What Happened…

Peace beautiful people. I am now a full time entrepreneur with a part time sales consultant position. How did I go from a Communications Director to this and why? These are probably the two questions you are asking yourself right about now. My story below will answer them and so much more.

I worked for about a year for a non-profit in Washington, D.C., as a Communications Director. At first, I thought working for a mission I was passionate about was worth taking a $30,000 pay cut in salary and knowing that my position was only made possible through a grant. This meant no real job security, nor the possibility to get promoted. I never worked for a non-profit before, so I ignored the warnings from my peers and took the position. Needless to say, it wasn’t what I expected and exactly what my peers warned me about. Not only am I used to a corporate environment, I am also dead set of working for myself through various companies and organizations I started. After 3 months in, I was ready to make a move.

Over it!

I stuck it out for as long as I could until things came to a head last week Monday. The funny thing is, I believe the universe put things in place for me to be able to leave this position because it knew what would happen on that Monday. Let me back track a bit.

I am a marketing professional with over 12 years of experience in journalism, digital marketing and content strategy. For many years, I gave away free advice to friends or even strangers who inquired about marketing strategies for their businesses. At times, I even did entire marketing plans for people just because I like to help others. Thankfully my good friend, Micheal, talked some sense into me. After explaining this to him, in a casual conversation, he texted in big bold letters STOP DOING SHIT FOR FREE! I laughed, but knew he had a point. I didn’t want to work for someone else doing something I didn’t love that couldn’t give me enough to contribute to my home and care for my son. I had started a media company, Soul Reflectionz, LLC, in 2015 and a youth empowerment organization, Living their Legacy, in 2017. Both were ventures I was passionate about, but unfortunately didn’t have the capital to keep them going or the time to put into the business side due to the demands of my many jobs. I was always concerned about having money to take care of my son. Even when my media company started to bring in some money, it just wasn’t enough. I always ended up going back to a 9-5 and being miserable. I took Mike’s advice seriously and decided I’d start a marketing consultant businesses to focus on helping small minority businesses. My first client came about from me over hearing a conversation in my salon and speaking up about my skills. The Friday before I gave my 2 weeks notice, I received my first signed contract. I officially had my first client! In addition to this, two days prior I received word that I had gotten a sales consultant position at a black owned business I truly adored. At first, it was just going to be something in addition to my full time job to help with the lack of funds I received every paycheck. After I landed my first client, I realized this part time job will allow me to have some form of steady income while I built my business, and the ability to learn more about my target market…small minority owned businesses. See, sometimes you have to take a few steps back and be willing to learn in order to truly excel.

On that faithful Monday, I made a decision after dealing with the last bit of disrespect to my position that I could take and put in my notice. I calculated what I’d make from my client and side job and realized I’d bring in enough after taxes to pay my cell phone bill, car note, my son’s tuition, groceries and business expenses (website hosting, freshbooks, g-suite account, etc…). My fiancé took care of all house bills including the mortgage. May 21st would be my last day at that place. I felt a rush of relief as soon as I pressed “send” on my resignation email. Little did I know that some serious shadiness was right around the corner. I received word from HR that they received my notice and would be in touch to schedule an exit interview. I was going to work on finishing up all outstanding projects and making sure I left a packet with all passwords and pertinent information for the next person to start in my role. I came in on Tuesday. I thought everything was fine, but noticed many of the executive staff being cold and distant. I paid it no mind because I felt free. I left for the day to pick up my son from school and immediately received a text from a co-worker. An email was sent out that I had quit and all my accounts had been disabled. I was in disbelief. I then received an email from my supervisor stating my notice would be honored (I would be paid through the 21st), but there was no need for me to come back to the office. I was enraged at first, because I hate shade and pettiness. It also disappointed me that this kind of behavior came from a sister. But I slowly began to realize that this was a blessing. I could get more work done for my client and start my sales consultant position earlier. I dreaded going into that office every day. As soon as I realized the days of dread were really over, I felt better. Now, the grind really begins.

happy gif

Unlike my past two ventures, this business would bring in profit immediately. Once it gets to a certain level, I will use some of the profit to bring my other businesses back to life. Multiple streams of income from entities I created. It is my dream and I’m finally at the starting line. I have handled the legal and accounting aspects of this new business already. Now it’s time to put in the work, get more clients, get my productivity routine down to a science and market my ass off the way I have for other people for over a decade. RIvision Marketing is my new baby. Let the entrepreneur journey begin!

You can send an email to to inquire about services, prices and packages.

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  • Though we e only know each other a short time I congratulate you and thank you for inspiring other Mompreneurs like myself!!!

    May 15, 2018
  • Inspiring!

    May 15, 2018
  • Thank you so much babe!custom writings

    May 16, 2018

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