Black Panther Party

What We Love About the Black Panther Party

The Black Panther Party for self-defense is still very much loved and respected today because of what it did for the Black community. Founded by Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale in 1966, the organization gave Black people a voice in how their communities were policed, how they protected themselves and how their children would be cared for.

With all of the very overt racism that is going on today, the values of the Party remain relevant as Black communities continue to fight for their freedom from White Supremacy and combat police brutality. Here are some of the reasons we love them:

The Children: The children not only reaped the benefits of the programs the party offered, but also became socially aware of the oppression faced by their communities. They formed protests fighting for justice. Their enthusiasm was inspiring.

The Women: The women were the backbone of the Party. They refused to sit in the background and only care for the children and cook the food. They helped with the planning, strategizing and even took up arms to fight against police brutality. They spoke at rallies and protests about being unapologetic about their blackness and demand for justice.

The Fearlessness: Despite the racist climate, the Black Panther Party would go head to head with the corrupt police department and justice system. They would rather die standing, than live on their knees. We will always love them for that stance.

The Boldness: Leaders of the party would speak up about the injustices faced by the Black community anywhere at any time. It didn’t matter if they were on the street, a college campus or in an airport. They made sure their voices were heard.

The Unity: The Black Panther Party was about unity at its core. They wanted the Black community to come together to build up their race despite the oppression that they faced. They believed that self-defense, cooperative economics, running their own programs and knowledge of self were the keys to getting out from under the effects of white supremacy.

The Icons: There are numerous icons who came out of the Black Panther Party including Angela Davis and Assata Shakur. Their stories of wrongful persecution and eventual triumph has continued to motivate generations to be unapologetic about their Blackness and always take a stand against injustice.

The Nurturing: The Black Panther Party was about more than just black leather jackets, rifles and fighting the powers that be. In addition to challenging police brutality, they launched more than 35 Survival Programs. They also provided community help, such as education, tuberculosis testing, legal aid, transportation assistance, ambulance service, and the manufacture and distribution of free shoes to poor. Their most celebrated program was the Free Breakfast for Children initiative.

The Mentoring: Education and love of self was of the utmost importance to the Party. They believed that the key to the preservation of the Black community was the youth. They served as educators and mentors for the children in their programs. They taught them about the beauty of being Black.

Black Power: The term coined by Stokely Carmichael became the rallying cry of the movement. It summed of what the movement demanded, “Black Power.”

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