“I write for my people. I create for my people. If anyone else wants to sit at the table that’s cool, but just know that I do it for the Black.” – Risa Dixon



Risa Dixon was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY to Trinidadian parents. She always knew that she wanted to make a change in the world with whatever she decided to do. Writing became her passion of choice because she loved the idea of being able to ignite a spark in someone’s mind with words that could cause a domino effect of positive change. She received her Bachelors in Journalism from St. John’s University and her MBA in Media Management from Metropolitan College of NY.She has over 10 years of experience in the journalism field, both in print and online. Risa has written for online publications such as VibeVixen.com, ClutchMagazineOnline.com, Vibe magazine and People.com. She also worked as an Entertainment News Editor for Newsday.com and an Entertainment Content Strategist for DirecTV.


Risa started Soul Reflectionz LLC because, first, she always wanted to start a media company that showed the beauty of her people. In a world where negativity and sensationalism reigns supreme, she wanted her company to make Black people feel good about themselves. Second, she strongly believes that it is important to leave a legacy that will inspire others to fulfill their purpose in life. She is a single mother of a little king who is her motivation to push through all obstacles that get thrown her way.


“Accolades mean nothing if there isn’t one person who can say you helped to make their life, or their outlook on life, a little bit better.” – Risa Dixon