Peace beautiful people. I am now a full time entrepreneur with a part time sales consultant position. How did I go from a Communications Director to this and

664c7e_fefc6d185140428c800be5ba821df73a.jpg_srz_606_527_85_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzA rapidly-growing non-profit organization is aiding multiple women in multiple locations to achieve success in entrepreneurship.

Willow Tree Roots, founded by one Tiffani Sharp (who is herself an entrepreneur), has a goal to provide disadvantaged women with the skills they need to launch and develop a business and generate steady income from doing so. Sharp, who states via the organization’s website that Willow Tree Roots grew from “a seed of love in her heart,” hopes to eventually improve the socio-economic status of underprivileged women worldwide.


Annie-NyagaWhen it comes to success in entrepreneurship, Annie Nyaga isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. Literally.

Nyaga is a Kenyan-born budding farmer currently building a thriving agribusiness that brings consumers and farmers alike together.

Her choice of profession isn’t just serving to change the way young Kenyans view agriculture, but it is also helping to create a more food-secure Kenya.


taylor m 4Upon first seeing Adanna Taylor, your initial reaction is one of awe. You immediately realize that her stylish, brightly colored outfits aren’t store-bought. You instantly notice the proudness in her stance: the ramrod-straight posture, the Afro-centric-infused flair for fashion; the ever-present bright smile. You become aware of one very obvious thing: this is a woman who enjoys every bit of her melanin. And rightly so. Another thing is also immediately obvious about her; that is that she must be an artist of some sort. If you guessed this, then you are quite correct; the petite, dark-skinned beauty is an up-and-coming designer and founder of the brand “Taylor M. Styles.”