ISF BankThe Illinois Service Federal Savings & Loan Association (ISFBank) is the last black-owned bank left standing in the city of Chicago, and Chicago has recently taken a giant step toward ensuring that the bank does not close its doors.

$20 million has been deposited into the bank, which has long supported underserved communities, courtesy the city. 

Illinois serviceIf you reside in the Chicago area, you are probably well aware that the majority of the banks in the city are NOT owned by minorities.

In fact, there are currently only TWO black-owned banks in Chicago (where 32% of the population is black) and they are both welcoming members of the black community to do banking with them.


380576For all the Kings and Queens who are waking up and realizing that black dollars matter and that we can use our power as the black consumer to show that we mean business about demanding respect for black lives, the following news is about to make your Tuesday.

Historic black-owned bank Citizens Trust Bank, located in Atlanta, GA, has recently seen a tremendous rise in business; as a matter of fact, in the short space of fives days, the bank saw 8,000 persons submit applications to open accounts.