The Black Panther Party for self-defense is still very much loved and respected today because of what it did for the Black community. Founded by Huey P. Newton

marvel's black pantherThe much-anticipated Marvel’s Black Panther trailer and poster has plenty of goodies for comic book fans and and black-conscious folk alike.

With a cast glittering with black jewels and nods toward Afrocentrism, it’s already got us counting down the days until it hits cinemas. 

erizkuBeyoncé’s jaw-dropping pregnancy announcement photo was the work of photographer   Awol Erizku. The photo he took of Queen Bey went on to become the most popular Instagram post of all time, with more than 11 million likes.

While still working on receiving his MFA from Yale, he had his first New York exhibition, and now he is set to hold yet another exhibition in Europe; an anti-Trump show satirically named “Make America Great Again.” 

chaka-khan-06In the 1970s, a petite woman with a big voice, a thick mass of curls and larger-than-life charisma burst on to the music scene. Hers was a career destined to achieve longevity.

Yvette Marie Stevens, more commonly known as Chaka Khan, was born on March 23rd, 1953 in Chicago, Illinois. At just the age of 11, she formed her first group called The Crystalettes with her sister Yvonne, drawing inspiration from such performers as Billie Holiday and Gladys Knight. At a later date, both sisters became integrated with the Afrro-Arts Theater and started another musical group entitled “The Shades of Black.”


black_panther_womenThe latest documentary about the revolutionary group, The Black Panther Party, is making sure to highlight the importance of the Black women in the movement. Many times, when we see images of the Black Panthers it is of the men holding their rifles and pumping their fists in the air. Although this is an accurate depiction, it is incomplete. The women didn’t only cook the meals and care for the children. In many aspects, they were the backbone of the party. They held authoritative positions, and were on the front lines with their male counterparts. In this clip, director Stanley Nelson Jr. speaks about the importance of making sure he told the truth about the role of women in this prolific group.