Essence is back to being 100 percent Black owned again, and I am here for it! I have worked in corporate America for over 10 years and in


“La Frida” is a dope new project by a group of self-described “cycloactivists,” which combines biking and street art to promote sisterhood among black women, the raising of our collective voices, and to arouse the desire within us to positively  fill more public spaces.

La Frida teaches girls and women how to ride bikes while simultaneously creating what has been described as a “moving home” for them to share art and poetry. 

alcoholRecently completed research shows that black women who consume 7 or more alcoholic beverages per week have a heightened possibility of developing a deadly disease.

That disease is breast cancer. 

bolden foundersNigerian-born siblings Chinelo Chidozie and Ndidi Obidoa are the creators of Bolden, a new beauty brand aimed at encouraging black women to embrace their natural beauty.

The following statement was given via the brand’s website: 

NEGRITUDEPIAUIENSE11The inspiring editorial ‘Negritude Piauiense,’ shot in Teresina, Brazil, is the work of photographer , Ronald Moura, and showcases the diversity of all the city’s stunning multi-cultural black women.




sister_and_friends_shoppingTen years ago, thirteen sisters and friends took a trip to Martha’s Vineyard, just to getaway from the day-to-day grind, relax, renew their minds and spirits, and build each other up.

Over time, the trip became an annual one and the numbers grew, and the trip, dubbed “Sister & Friends,” now attracts more than 100 attendees of various ages and stages in life and from all across America, who come to connect, unwind, and feed off each other’s positive energy. 

queenI was having a discussion with my cousin, who is more like my sister; a discussion that was stretched across the distance of two countries, and the phone connection wasn’t that great. But despite the fact that I often received her messages in delayed time, one message came across loud and clear.

We were talking about what we wanted in a significant other, and she was telling me that it seems as though no one wants to wait for real love any more, and that people are just settling out of fear; fear of winding up alone. She said she would rather wait for the real thing than settle out of fear, and that message sank in. 

hairbannerBlack beauty has long captivated artists, photographers, writers and poets, and many have tried to capture the essence of it with paintings, words and pictures. Paris-based photographer Mario Epanya, originally from Cameroon, is the creative mind behind “Beautiful,” a new book that pays homage to black beauty and editorial glamour.

bell hooksGloria Jean Watkins, more popularly known as Bell Hooks, is an author, social activist, and a living legend of feminism.

Born in Hopkinsville, Kentucky in 1952, hooks, who derived her pen name from her grandmother’s name, expressed her social activism through her writings, which were often about women’s rights, race, and oppression.