Peace beautiful people. I am now a full time entrepreneur with a part time sales consultant position. How did I go from a Communications Director to this and

tony_elumelu_foundation_program_helping_black_entrepreneursNigerian billionaire and philanthropist Tony Elumelu has designed an entrepreneurship program that will expend  $100 million dollars in financial assistance to black entrepreneurs residing in the United States and in Africa.


ronnika-annWhen it comes to succeeding as an entrepreneur, marketing and advertising plays an integral role. While this is common knowledge among aspiring businessmen and businesswoman, promoting one’s brand through marketing and advertising can be easier said than done. An upcoming seminar is here to help.

The “Putting the PR Back in Entrepreneurship Part II: New Year’s Edition” seminar will be held in Miami, Florida on November 12, 2016.


43_north_competition_black_owned_business_winnersEach year, an organization named 43North hosts a business pitch competition during which more than 500 companies across America have the opportunity to pitch their business ideas in a bid to win as much as $5 million in funding and investment capital. This year’s lucky winners are two African American entrepreneurs.


gwenetta_wright_entrepreneurship_the_wright_wayFor the new entrepreneur, stepping into the world of business can be overwhelming and even scary. Think of it as being in a foreign country with no tour guide and no map to follow. Your biggest concern will be avoiding getting lost, or making a wrong turn that could lead you down the wrong path.

Award-winning business and tax strategist Gwennetta Wright understands this, and, with her new book, is addressing the need for guidance and good advice for new entrepreneurs.


Keynote speaker Maggie Anderson

Keynote speaker Maggie Anderson

November 25th is Black Friday, and and a recently-introduced Black Chamber of Commerce coined Black BRAND will take over Hampton Roads to honor successful black entrepreneurs and local community leaders at the Wyndham Garden Hotel in downtown Norfolk.

The event is entitled “The Black Diamond Affair,” and will be the official launch of the organization.


black CEOsEvery new entrepreneur knows that obtaining a business loan isn’t easy, and, while it may be challenging for any entrepreneur, black entrepreneurs sometimes have to face discrimination when applying for such loans, making it twice as difficult for them as it is for non-black businessmen/women.

The following three African American CEOs were denied business loans from the banks at which they applied, but were able to build their companies nonetheless.


dreaming black boyWhen I attended high school, there was a young man I knew who could brighten anyone’s day with his natural flair for being comical. He also had a beautiful African name, “Shaka,” which means “ruler” or “leader.”

Shaka was probably one of the most talented people I knew at the time. Not only did he excel academically, but he had an angelic voice (he sang in the school choir), and he played multiple musical instruments. When learning to play a song on one of those instruments, he didn’t need the sheet music for the song; he played by ear remarkably well.


Camille BIf you’re headed to Jamaica and looking for some chic and interesting foot fashion while you’re there, you should certainly pay a visit to Ruff Cutz Sandals.

Founded by entrepreneur Camille Bryan, the line has been described as “Alexander McQueen meets Caribbean,” and feature high cedar -wooden platforms in an array of bright colors.