By MAIABy MAIA is a T-shirt and accessory brand officially launched three years ago and founded by Brazilian designer Maiwsi Ayana.

The line initially only comprised custom-fit T-Shirts, but has since evolved into a variety of eye-catching earrings, headwraps, dashikis, and much more. 

julia plusPlus-size fashion label Julia Plus and photographer Kelvin Yule have come together to create an editorial that is bound to make plus-sized black women everywhere celebrate their beauty and feel sexy and confident.

The campaign shows off various looks from the Julia Plus Fall/Winter 2017 campaign, and features stunning models  Nahuane Drumond, Bell Rocha, Isabella Bispo, and Kamila Oliveira, sporting flattering colors such as navy, black, burgundy and pastels. 

brazil fashionFor Brazilian designer Isaac Silva, fashion is a means of raising awareness about feminism and black and LGBTQ activism, and he is doing his part with his latest project.

During the fashion event Casa de Criadores in São Paulo on May 11, he unveiled his Winter 2017 collection, which he partnered with Magá Moura to create. 

midasbanner01According to Greek mythology, King Midas, ruler of the city of Phrygia, possessed a great, seemingly insatiable desire for gold. When Dionysus, the god of wine, visited the city, the king made a wish that everything he touched would turn to gold, and Dionysus granted him that wish.

The moral of that story, as many already know, is that greed/gluttony never ends well. One Brazilian photographer has re-imagined that story and put a creative spin on it.

NEGRITUDEPIAUIENSE11The inspiring editorial ‘Negritude Piauiense,’ shot in Teresina, Brazil, is the work of photographer , Ronald Moura, and showcases the diversity of all the city’s stunning multi-cultural black women.




rudebannerBrazilian visual artist Felipe Rude is fascinated with black faces, and that fascination shows in his work.

His choice of medium are ink pens, pencils and paints; his subjects, bold, black faces, full of expression, either staring out of the canvas at the viewer, embracing each other, or looking off into the distance. 

akoribannerBlack visual artists, designers and photographers from across the diaspora all look to the African continent for inspiration in one way or another when creating, and that comes as no surprise; African culture, clothing and customs are all excellent catalysts to create.

One country within the diaspora that has influenced art and fashion greatly is Egypt, and many contemporary artists borrow from Egyptian style to produce their work. The designers behind the Brazilian brand AkoriArá have done just that for their new collection entitled “Who is the King?” 

raissaGorgeous Raissa Santana recently made history when she became the second black woman in history to be crowned Miss. Brazil. The last time a black woman won the title was 30 years ago in 1986; that woman was Deise Nunes.

The 21-year-old from the Southern state of Paraná, was crowned Miss. Brazil on October 1, and expressed pride at achieving what she feels is a victory for all women with black skin.