burning-confederate-flagWe usually share spoken word pieces and poetry by black and Latino poets, but sometimes, the work that comes from a non-black or non-Latino poet speaks to us.

RJ Walker’s work certainly did.


dt.common.streams.StreamServer.clsRemember when brave Bree Newsome got tired of looking at the Confederate Flag and tore it down? Well now there’s another equally brave black woman who is advocating for the permanent removal of the offensive reminder of oppression. That woman is actress Aunjanue Ellis.

The Quantico actress led the “Take it Down America” rally on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday (Flag Day).


breeThe awesome activist and community organizer Bree Newsome has been all over social media today for her valiant act of climbing the flag pole in front of the South Carolina State Capitol and taking down the historically racist confederate flag. Of course my sister was arrested for making it crystal clear that will no longer tolerate a symbol of hate flying high and proud in any state. Check out the video below of Newsome pulling down that flag with absolutely no remorse. It is a beautiful sight to see!