Essence is back to being 100 percent Black owned again, and I am here for it! I have worked in corporate America for over 10 years and in

debbie allen (1)Essence has officially released their powerhouse list for the 2016  “Black Women In Hollywood” Luncheon.

Noteworthy names on this list include Shonda Rhimes, Nick Cannon, Ryan Cooglar and Oprah Winfrey. Essence Editor-In-Chief  Vanessa De Luca issued a statement prior to the release of the list.

“We are delighted to continue the tradition of honoring exceptionally talented women who are making significant contributions as creators and performers in Hollywood. At a time when the conversation about diversity in Hollywood remains prevalent, recognizing the indomitable power and presence of Tracee Ellis Ross, Debbie Allen and Nina Shaw at our annual Black Women in Hollywood Luncheon embraces an inclusive and diverse Hollywood community.”

candace1 (1)The “Kandake” or “Kentake,” dated back to biblical times, was a title given to a Queen Regent (I.e. a Queen who reigns in her own right). An example of such a queen was Empress Candace of Ethiopia; a beautiful, powerful and God-fearing black woman. Historically speaking, black women are not just descended from slaves; we are descended from queens. To be queens, then, is our birthright, and royalty is embedded in our DNA. Some have misconceptions as to what the characteristics of a queen should be, and what a queen should look and act like. The aim of this post is to educate the masses on what defines a true black queen.

My queenliness is not determined by the way I choose to wear my hair; your natural hair does not make you organic, and my relaxed hair does not make me GMO. A black queen can wear a weave that flows like the Nile River or an afro as big as Diane Ross’s hair; as long as she is woke, does not have a processed mind, and exercises the ability to think and make decisions for herself.

_DSC2405As an awesome way to end the summer, and a stylish way to kick off fashion week, Essence Magazine threw the block party of the year! Fashionistas from all over the country and even all over the world came to this festive event that exemplified fashion and culture.

From the moment you entered the Dumbo Archway located in Brooklyn, New York you saw hundreds of women, men, and adorable children. Essence had the entire area active with a photo booth, Shea Moisture representatives as well as a hair/beauty truck, a lovely Home Depot Closet, and tons of vendors.

The flawlessness of Kelly Rowland on the April 2015 cover of Essence magazine, with her son Titan and husband Tim Witherspoon, inspired me to do a gallery of