trinidad flagToday, the twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago turns 56. Once dubbed the “happiest people in the Caribbean,” the residents of this twin island share special traits and unique experiences that help them to identify themselves as ‘Trinbagonians’ (the term used for persons born and raised on either of the two islands). Wondering what some of these traits and experiences are? Read on to find out.Ā 

trini flagI might be showing some bias here, but I’m convinced that I live on the THE DOPEST island in the Caribbean, which is why, today, I am only too eager to get into all red, white and black everything, right down to my unmentionables. šŸ˜€

This day marks 54 years since the island I call home received its independence from Great Britain, and, although we have undoubtedly endured our share of growing pains as a nation, and still have a lot more growing up to do, I believe that my fellow Trinbagonians and I have much to be thankful for on our big 54th, and many reasons to celebrate. Here are some of those reasons.


All of these celebrities have that red, black and white flowing through their veins, either from their parents or being born in one of the twin islands of

nicki-minage-27Today marks 53 years since Trinidad and Tobago, the beloved country of my birth, obtained its independence. Dressed in my red, black and white, I feel an intense sense of pride and patriotism.

My country is young yet, and still striving toward first world status. As we do so, we face many challenges. As a people we must first learn to stand with and not against each other, regardless of race or creed, in order to move forward. Even as we celebrate this day, we begin a week that is fraught with uncertainty, as one week from now, we will be starting a new chapter prior to our country’s general elections. Nevertheless, today is a celebratory day for T&T, and in honor of 53 years of labor pains, here are ten ways to identify the typical Trini.