Naomi Chin WingFor quite some time, Naomi Chin Wing thought she was ugly.

This notion stemmed particularly from the fact that, like many other teenagers, she was bullied at school, and told that she was “too tall.”

Chin Wing found the perfect way to silence her critics: she became an almost overnight sensation on an international catwalk. 

photo credit: urban bush babes instagram

photo credit: urban bush babes instagram

These beautiful sisters were brought to my attention after they received a spread in the February issue of Vogue Magazine. The unique style and full natural crowns made me applaud the magazine for displaying diversity on their pages. TK Wonder and Cipriana Quann are twin sisters whose look has taken the fashion world by storm. Cipriana is the co-founder of the blog, Urban Bush Babes. Her, along with her partner Nikisha Brunson, show off their eclectic style and love of their culture on their site. When I look at these women, I am filled with so much joy for the statement they are making with their uncompromising looks and values.