Constance MoonzweConstance Moonzwe and her husband were enjoying the experiences of new parenthood when he suddenly died, leaving her not just in bereavement, but in fear of the possibility of raising their 7-month-old on her own.

To cope with her grief, Moonzwe started a business called  ITH Staffing, and garnered results she never expected: within the first 12 months of its launch, the company raked in more than  $3 million in revenue! 

moyobannerOne of the ways that street-style portraits differ from high-glam portraits is that there is no pretentiousness about them; they are raw, and real, and yet they somehow manage to possess a glamour of their own.

Photographer Ben Moyo’s work is no exception. The Cape Town, Zimbabwe native chooses the subjects for his shots based on their personal style, and the story that that style tells about the individual.


Thokozile MuwambaA young woman in Zambia has just made history.

Second Lt. Thokozile Muwamba has become Zambia’s first female fighter pilot to be accepted into the country’s primarily male military.

After she joined the military in 2012, Muwamba was selected to become part of a Zambian Air Forces program which trains female pilots in an effort to close the disparity  between males and females in the field.